Friday, December 16, 2011

Little Orso Book Shelf- Holiday Edition!!

Here are three great holiday books, that you should grab or check out from your local library!!!

1. Merry Christmas Curious George by Mary O'Keefe Young.  George and the Man in the Yellow hat go to pick out their Christmas tree, and George gets lost in the tree.  He ends up getting delivered to the Children's hospital in the tree.  It is a cute story, with a nice message for kids.


2. I Spy a Candy Cane by Jean Marzollo.  This is one of the fun "I Spy books", but in this edition you are searching for holiday items.  Fun for all ages, and great pictures!!

3. Mo Smells Christmas by Margaret Hyde.  This book is not only a cute story about a dog discovering Christmas, but it has special smell feature built in.  By pushing a button you get to smell everything that Mo does.  So fun!!


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