Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Favorite Christmas Present!!

Today I am going to share our favorite Christmas present... The Kindle Fire!!!

We decided to pool all of our Amazon giftcards together, and buy a family Kindle.  We already had the first edition Kindle, but wanted a Kindle Fire to use with our son.  Initially I wanted a portable DVD player, but changed my mind after listening to everyone laugh at me for being in the Iceages (just to give you some background I still have a VCR and watch my complete 90210 VHS boxset on it (the real 90210...not this new crap ).  We wanted something we could take in the car, or on a plane, or use in his room to watch videos on.  He loves to dance and sing along to these shows, and sometimes it is the only way we can get him to stop crying.

I am so happy we went with the Kindle Fire!!  It does so much more than a portable dvd player.  We have downloaded his favorite movies and shows, and we have an app that sends us new kids books every week for free!!  The books move and are professionally narrated.  We also found an inexpensive accessory on Amazon that allows us to mount the Kindle in the car. It ended up being the less expensive and much lighter route to go (the Kindle is even lighter than the Ipad).  

I can't recommend it enough.  If this was all it did, I would be happy with my purchase!!  However I also get magazines sent to it, check Facebook and email, have top news stories on one page, listen to audio books, read E books, watch tv shows and movies (most are free with my Amazon Mom membership- which is also free) etc...

The only issue we have now is who gets to use it.  The second my son goes to sleep, my husband and I both reach for it.  I think we may need to save up for a second one!!


Anonymous said...

I love my Fire, but never thought to use it with my daughter. Great Post.

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