Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February ♥

Two years ago this month, I gave birth to a daughter that God had other plans for.  She now watches over us from heaven...

In honor of my daughter, and all other babies lost too soon, I will be partnering up with the OC Walk to Remember and featuring businesses and charities that cater to families that have lost a child. Each day in February I will feature another business or charity.

Although you may not have suffered this loss personally, approximately 1 out of 160 pregnancies will end in stillbirth alone. [March Of Dimes] Someone you know may have suffered the loss of a child, and hopefully these posts will help you comfort your friend or family member.

I have decided to start by featuring a new charity that just started in December 2011, Lil Angel Hankies.  Despite only being a month old, this charity has already touched so many families.

Lil Angels Hankies is run and owned by Tricia, the mother of 6 kids (2 on Earth and 4 in Heaven).  Her company offers a personalized handkerchief to any family that has lost a child or children.  She personalizes them by embroidering your child's name and a date. (most choose their child's angelversary- the day that they went to heaven).  She also lets you pick the thread color. 

Tricia decided to start this company after a close friend of hers lost her baby.  She wanted to give her something tangible to remember her baby by. She gave her a handkerchief, embroidered with her baby's name. I incorporate my losses with every hanky I embroider, because I feel a strong connection to the mothers I am making them for. I feel very passionate about what I do. When we lose a grandfather, or aunt or brother or sister, etc, we typically have tangible memories. We have shirts they wore, or blankets they used, or memories that we made together. With infant loss, especially when the infant was miscarried or stillborn, we have no tangible memory. These hankies give the mother something to hold onto... something tangible.

Lil Angel Hankies is run strictly by donation.  The handkerchiefs are free to every family that has lost a child. 

To reach Lil Angels Hankies you can visit them at their Facebook page: or by email at:  

If you are interested in donating to Lil Angels Hankies, please visit their Facebook page.  They have a list of items that they need.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful idea. And a wonderful theme for your blog this month. I'm sure sweet Tuscany is very proud of her mommy.

Buckley said...

Thanks Caroline!! I sure hope so :) xoxox

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