Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Sweet Pea

Project Sweet Pea is a non-profit organization run by volunteers, who through personal experience, have become passionate about providing comfort to families that need support.  These families usually have a child in an intensive care unit, or have lost a child to infant loss. The Co founders of Project Sweet Pea, Stephanie, Corin, and Kate, have all lost children.  Through their losses, they met and became friends in an online support group.  These friendships eventually developed into a program, which now helps those that are going through situations similar to theirs.

Project Sweet Pea was started in July of 2009, since then they have helped over 4000 families.  They comfort families with their custom made memory boxes. Through their own losses, they discovered which items would bring the most comfort to the families. The memory boxes are hand painted, and filled with timeless keepsakes. They give families something precious to hold on to, and a place to safely store their angel's memories. Their memory boxes are free; any bereaved family can request one.

"Every time I put a memory box together, I am brushing Shannon's hair, I am giving her a bath. I am doing everything I don't get to do through creating these beautiful memory boxes." - Kate Crawford

ProjectSweet Pea is also known for hosting a balloon release (rumored to be the largest one to date), and a candle lighting on October 15th (Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day)

They are currently holding a t-shirt fundraiser.  The funds go to a wonderful cause, and the shirts are absolutely beautiful.  They have a t shirt for everyone who has been touched by an angel.  Head over and check the t shirts out today!!  Click here to be taken directly to the fundraiser.

To learn more about Project Sweet Pea, you can contact them at:


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