Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Angel Wings Memorial Boutique

The Angel Wings Memorial Boutique is owned and run by Lea, the mother of four including an angel named Nicholas. Nicholas was born asleep in November 2008, soon after Lea started a blog in honor of him.  She figured it was a place that she could speak to her son; a place where her other kids could eventually read about their brother; and a place where she could reach out to others that had suffered this horrible loss. Soon after starting her blog, she decided to open the Angel Wings Memorial Boutique.

In the difficult time following Nicholas' death, a beautiful friend gave us a pair of sweet, delicate Angel Wings which now hang gently over his picture and footprint frame. They are a continuous reminder that we have our very own Guardian Angel watching over us.

I am now offering this simple comfort to other grieving parents. It is a small gesture from my heart to yours ... from our Angel to your Angel.

Each set of wings is hand made, and they are made with love and honor.  Grieving parents can contact the boutique and receive a personalized photo, your photo added to the Angel Wings Memorial Boutique Blog, and a pair of handcrafted wings.  All they ask for is a small donation of $10, to cover the postage and handling.

You can reach the Angel Wings Memorial Boutique at:


Here is the page to make a request for wings: Request wings

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Angel-Wings-Memorial-Boutique/


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