Monday, February 6, 2012

Belle's Creative Crafts

Today I am featuring an amazing Etsy store, that carries items that cater to mom's that have lost a child.

The name of the store is Belle's Creative Crafts, and is run by Danielle.  She is the mother of 5 (4 on Earth and 1 in heaven).  A few of her close friends and family members lost babies, around the same time that she lost her child to miscarriage.  Danielle felt like she needed to do something to help everyone find a way to remember their children. I just felt like I needed to give these wonderfully strong women a little something to remember these tiny babies that they could hold in their hearts but not in their arms.  

This is when she started making her beautiful jewelry.  She makes pea pods with angel wings, crosses, doves, etc...all symbols of children that have left this world too soon.  You can order her items at her Etsy store, Belle's Creative Crafts, or you can visit her Facebook page  
You can email her directly about personalized orders at

She also donates her items to a wonderful service, started by a close friend of hers, called The Rainbow Sisters.  They provide bereavement doula services to families that have suffered a loss.

Check out Belle's Creative Crafts today.  They have so many special items that can help you find a beautiful way to remember your child, or the child of a friend with.


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