Friday, February 3, 2012

Ian's Elephants

Today's charity, is another relatively new one.  It is called Ian's Elephants!!

Started in June 2011, Ian's Elephants is a tribute to the founder Becky's son Ian, who passed away at 15 weeks gestation.  They send out care packages, to any family that has lost a child to miscarriage or stillbirth.  Their care packages includes an adorable stuffed elephant.

When a mother elephant loses her baby, the other elephants stand in a circle around her and allow her all the time she needs to grieve and mourn. They don't hurry her along, or push her to abandon the body. They gently touch her with their trunks, a silent show of unwavering support.

Not only do the elephants have a beautiful symbolic meaning, but most parents that have lost a child have arms that feel very empty:(  Having something that they can grab and hug when they think of their child is a great gift!!

You can reach Ian's Elephants at:
or their site


Ian's elephants said...

Thank you so much for featuring us!!!! It really really made my heart smile! Aut and I put together our first "official" batch of care packages last night and we will be delivering them today!!! <3 Becky

Buckley said...

It was my pleasure!! I love what you are doing:) Your quote gives me tears every time I read it. xoxo

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