Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Orso Book Shelf

Today's bookshelf item is not a book...

It is the Skip Hop Bookends!!!

We just got these for my son's bookshelf, and we are so in love with them.  The picture does not do them justice at all!!  We got a set of the monkey bookends, and I expected them to be cute little figurines.  When they arrived they were much larger than expected, and made of a leather like fabric.  (the ears are made of a corduroy).  They are so durable and cute!!  My son actually wanted to carry them around with him, however they are a little heavy since they are weighted. 

They have made such a difference on his bookshelf.  I could just sit and stare at his bookshelf all day long:)  They bookends also come in dog and owl shape (both are really cute).  I am actually thinking of getting a set of owls for my cookbook shelf!!


Anonymous said...

those are really really cute!

Heather Lerner said...

those are so cute!!

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