Thursday, February 9, 2012

Treasure Beans and Tiny Dream Shop

Today I am featuring the woman behind both Treasure Beans and the Tiny Dream Shop!!  Casey and her husband lost their daughter Aurora Teagan to stillbirth, in April of 2008. Soon after Casey started painting pebbles in honor of her daughter, and other families that had lost their children.  The pebbles portray the dreams and dedications of bereaved families in honor of their precious, loved-ones. Colorful scenes in tiny detail and traditional symbols are incorporated onto these beach-pebbles, creating a lasting and unique keepsake for these families who seek peace as they journey through grief.  She actually painted one for my daughter in February 2010, and has it in her beautiful treasure garden:)  You can order your own pebble at Treasure Beans.  You will be amazed at the beautiful images that she has painted on these pebbles!!

Recently Casey started Tiny Dream Shop, where she makes the most gorgeous teeny tiny sculptures. From tiny teddybears, to butterflies, to babies in flower pots; each one is more adorable than the next.  And they all bring a tear and smile to the recipient. Tiny Dream Shop puts the dreams of your heart, that may not be reachable; in the palm of your hand. Featured items are miniature and micro miniature mommies and babies inspired by loss, sadness, hope and wishes. 

Casey is an extremely talented  and giving person. She gives you a piece of art to remember your loved one with, in a beautiful way. I recommend checking out everything that she does. There will definitely be something that will touch your heart.  Casey also started a ministry called Project Love-Gift, where people can bond through sharing their losses and charity.  It works in a "pay it forward way", where gifts are given within the baby loss community through contests and giveaways.  The gifts are just that, and do not cost a thing.  They are meant to bring some hope and healing.

For more information on Casey's work & ministries, please visit or email her at

 She can also be found on Facebook at: and


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