Monday, February 13, 2012

Molly Bears ♥

Two years ago today, I gave birth to my beautiful angel.  A few days later I was discharged from the hospital with empty arms.  My arms and heart hurt so much, that I never thought that I would recover. 

Then the universe brought a wonderful woman into my life.  Her name is Bridget, and she had also just lost her daughter.  We became close friends, and she not only offered me words of support but told me about her new charity.  When Bridget had lost her daughter Molly, a close friend had made her a weighted bear to hug and hold.  Bridget decided that other families needed something to hug too.  That was when she started Molly Bears (named after her beautiful daughter).

Molly Bears makes weighted bears, for families that have lost their babies.  The bears are weighted to your baby's birth weight. They personalize them with little details to remind you of your baby.  At first Bridget was making these bears on her own, and paying for them with her own money.  However word of her bears got out, and Molly Bears became too big for Bridget to do it alone.  She started recruiting friends, family, and other Angel Parents to help out.  There is now a team of "bear artists", and they have recently become a non-profit organization.  Their waiting list is never empty, and their Facebook page is constantly updating with pictures of baby bears heading out to bring some comfort to families with empty arms.  They run strictly on donation, and send their bears all over the world.

If you have lost a child check out their website, and sign up today.  Also suggest to friends and family to make a donation to them in your child's name.  We all need to stick together to make sure this company can continue their beautiful mission.

My bear has brought me so much love and comfort...I don't think I would have made it through the last two years without her. Thank you Molly Bears for giving us something to fill our arms and hearts!!

This is my son (rainbow baby) and my bear.  Pictures and moments like this would not be possible without Bridget and Molly Bears...



NovemberSunflower said...

She is missed, but so very loved, each and every day.

Buckley said...

Thanks Staci!!! xoxoxo

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