Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lisa' s Hawaiian Names

Lisa's Hawaiian Names is run by a dear friend of mine. 

She writes names, specials dates, meanings, etc... in the sand.  Her names in the sand have been a huge comfort to those that have lost a child.  When you lose a child, one of the greatest things someone can do for you is use your child's name. Hearing or seeing your child's name means so much!!  It shows they are not forgotten, and gives us something to physically hold on to. Unlike parents of living children, we usually do not have too many pictures of our children.  Lisa's pictures help give us something else to remember our child by. 

I have been writing about all of the other charities and businesses, but Lisa wrote her own story.  She did it so beautifully, I thought I would just share that!!

Hello friends, my name is Lisa and I have a blog titled Lisa’s Hawaiian Names and a Facebook page titled Lisa’s Hawaiian. I focus on writing names, special dates, words or hearts in the sand at sunset and day time. I also offer Island Keeper jars to hold sand from the spot the name or word was drawn. My photos are taken in Hawaii and the Oceanside, California area.

I honor all requests In celebration of…In memory of…and everything in between. I add shells, candles, fresh flowers or lei’s, and American flags if desired. At this time, my 3 biggest areas are for the child loss community, the military community and the wedding community.

Photography and customization of photos on the sand began out of the deaths of my Dad and our babies. My husband and I experienced infertility, the early loss of our identical twins and the late gestation loss of Zachary. We then had a baby who was born 11 weeks premature and spent 2 months in the Neonatal ICU before starting his active, healthy life.

The first 2 years after our losses, we donated beautiful ivory memory boxes to the labor and delivery department and NICU in memory of our babies. We also donated new cameras for the staff and journals for the families.

The ocean photos began when I picked flowers from my Dad’s home on Maui after his memorial. My sister and I placed those flowers on the beach at sunset and drew the name “Dad” in the sand. We drew hearts, we wrote our names and we wrote, “Miss you, My Dad.” The photos were spectacular to us and looking at them continues to bring us contentment where hurt and sadness had lived. There was something so healing and powerful in seeing those photos.

All “Post Pals” families and military families’ photo requests are fully donated, in loving memory of our babies.

Helping families in the baby through adult child loss community, military families and everyone in between is a passion of mine, along with helping to celebrate the beautiful joys in life too. Customized photography at the beach is one way to do both and help others. There is something magical about seeing a name written in the sand at sunset, or a bunch of white rose petals thrown on the sand with a drawn heart. The drawn heart represents something unique to a person and can bring a sense of peace and joy.

I would like to invite you to visit me on my page where we can remember those we miss and celebrate life’s journeys too ~ 

You can contact Lisa, about writing your loved ones name in the sand at: 
or her Facebook page:


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