Thursday, February 23, 2012

Payton’s Precious Memories

Payton's Precious Memories was started by a dear friend of mine named Deanna.  Deanna lost her beautiful daughter Payton in July 2003, and soon after she started Payton's Precious Memories.

I knew I wanted a special ornament to hang on the tree each year in her memory and just could not find the perfect one, so I made my own.  I began making more for family and close friends and before I knew it I had made hundreds.  I know Payton was only here for a short time, but the impact she made on my life has changed me forever!

Each ornament is hand painted, and no two are alike.  You can also put in any special request that you have, such as a quote or phrase that reminds you of your angel.  Deanna also has a few beautiful examples on her site. 

The ornaments started out as an item to hang on your Christmas tree, but many of us keep them out year round.  They are so gorgeous, and there isn't really anything on them that limits them to Christmas.  They look beautiful hanging on a lamp or sitting on a shelf.

Payton's Precious Memories has offered Little Orso Readers a special deal (until the end of February).  Any ornament ordered right now (even with a bow), will be $10.  They are usually $12 without a bow, and $15 with a bow.

To order your special ornament head over to their Facebook site:

Or you can contact them at


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