Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maybe The Best $19.99 I Have Spent In A Long Time??!!??

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my son is obsessed with crafts...especially coloring!!  I used to let him color at his highchair, but then he started wanting to color during meals.  I realized it was time for a craft table. 

For months I had been putting different tables in "my carts", so that I would be ready for this day.  Most were fun and expensive tables.  Just like every other child/baby item, I got caught up in needing the best one that I could find.  Then you have a moment of clarity when you remember that expensive doesn't equal best. 

I figured I would search Amazon and a few others sites, for tables with high customer ratings, but still affordable.  However first I needed to run out for a few items.  One of my stops happened to be Ikea, I figured why not check out what they have.

...and then I saw this adorable little table and chair set (it comes with two chairs), for $19.99.

Seriously $19.99, how sturdy could it be??  I checked it out and it seemed to be great.  I asked my husband what he thought, and he said "how bad can it be"??  So we bought the set, and figured we would give it a try.

Four weeks later, and it has become one of my favorite buys.  My favorite things, always seem to be items that I stumble upon.

I can't say enough good things about this table; it is the perfect height for my son to sit at, it is easy to wipe Crayon off of, it is not too big or small, it is a neutral color (does not over power the room like most kids furniture does)... The chairs are sturdy too, my husband and I can even sit on them.

Anyone in the market for a table and chairs set, I would recommend heading to Ikea.  They have so many cute kids' items. (and stuff for mom, like the candles and $1 dark chocolate bars... they are unusually good)

***Find out more about the "crayon truck" here or purchase it here


NovemberSunflower said...

Oh, I like that set!!!! My Mom had kept mine from when I was a kid, and it's just about that size.
The kids love it in the playroom.
If we hadn't gotten that one, I would be heading to Ikea for sure!

Buckley said...

It is really great:)
How cool that your kids are using yours!! That is really special:)

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