Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love, Love, Love...Halloween Style

We already have our costumes for this year, we dress up as a family (you will have to wait until Halloween to see what we are going as). 

Having our costumes, does not stop me from my adorable costume hunt.  My favorite part of Halloween is opening the door, and seeing all of the cute costumes. Here are some of my favorites, hopefully they help those of you that are still deciding what to do:) 

I would love to see any of these come to my door:)

Little Gnome

Woopie Cushion


Venus Flytrap

Car Freshner

...Also here is a link to a great site that shows you how to make funny "last minute costumes"...including this cute "baby carrot" costume

Baby Carrot

What are your kids going to be?  Are you dressing up with them?


Carol said...

I love these costumes especially the car tree freshner. I have 4 year old triplet boys & they are going as the Jonas Brothers. They love their music. lol

Anonymous said...

My daughter is going to be a bumble bee :>

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