Monday, September 17, 2012

Fairy Tales for Hope ♥

About a month ago a friend of mine sent me an email asking me if I had seen Fairy Tales For Hope, they sell fairy tale prints for stillbirth awareness?"  I immediately went over to the site and fell in love!!  It combines so many things that I love; fairy tales, reading, art, infant loss awareness, charity...

I knew right away that I had to order a print, and contact them about featuring them.  I ordered a "Three Bears" print, and sent them an email.  I immediately heard back from Sally, who was thrilled to have us feature them. She also mentioned how busy they are, and that some prints were actually already selling out!!  I figured I better squeeze them in to my schedule in the next few weeks.

So here they are Fairy Tales For Hope.  The organization was started by Sally and Simon Heppleston, who lost their daughter Hope in August of 2008.  They decided to sell fairy tale prints, because reading fairy tales was something that they had looked forward to doing with their daughter.  They have 31 different images to choose from (although by the time this post goes live some will be sold out), and they were all done by the talented artist Tonia Composto.  The proceeds go to Stillbirth Awareness, and research.

You do not have to be a Baby Loss Parent to appreciate these prints, or even a parent.  The prints are absolutely stunning.  I would have loved to have decorated my apartment in them, back in my "single days".  They are great for kids' rooms, dens, schools, doctors' offices, bookstores, clothing stores...basically every where!!  They are also very affordable, and they ship worldwide:)

Head over to their site and check them out today, they will not last long!! 


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