Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Solace Foundation- Infant Loss Resource ♥

One of my favorite parts of having my blog, is being able to share great infant loss resources with others.  I am very proud of my infant loss directory, and hope that with it I am able to help those that are grieving and searching.  Those first few days you just search and search for something to help you.  I pray that my list helps eliminate the need to search for support.  That is why I feature infant loss organizations every once in a while.  Sure I love to shop and share my great finds and tips, but giving comfort to those that can not shop for their children is just as important.

Today I am sharing a wonderful organization, that takes the infant loss directory idea to a whole other level.  They are called the Solace Foundation, and their goal is to offer comfort and support to bereaved parents.  They want to make sure that every parent suffering a loss (from neonatal- older child), is able to find information and support through their site.

My directory is only made up of great infant loss resources that I stumble upon, and have used myself.  They actually work full time to make sure that they include every great resource, and that there is something for everyone.  It is so impressive, especially considering that they only started the Solace Foundation in June of 2011. 

The foundation was started by two friends named Karen and Emily, who met in September of 2010 at a Share Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support meeting.  Both women lost their firstborn children, and wanted to do something to "channel their grief into something meaningful".

Besides their directory, they also send care packages to hospitals and doctor offices, provide memorial items for parents in the hospital, and my favorite item is their comfort shawls.

"Our absolute favorite thing in there is the comfort shawls; they are our way of giving the parents a big hug. It is important to us that the shawls are all handmade, but it's hard for just the 2 of us to make all of them. So we are always looking for crafty people who like to knit or crochet! More info on contacting us to be added or to volunteer can be found on our website"

They have been contacted by parents from all over the world, including Mexico and Australia.  Just last week they received their 501c3!!  These women are making great strides in the infant loss community.  If you have lost a child, or know someone that has please share the Solace Foundation with them.   You can reach them through their website  or through their Facebook page .  

Also as they mentioned above, they are always looking for people to help them make their shawls.  If you knit or sew, please consider helping them out....because in reality you will be hugging a family that needs that hug so bad!!



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