Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Little Sprouts

Anyone with kids knows how fast they grow out of everything!!  I swear they grow out of the expensive stuff even faster;)

That is why my friend Megan's company Little Sprouts is such a fabulous idea!!  Little Sprouts is an online site, where you can buy gently used kids items.

Megan started Little Sprouts this year after a company layoff.  While out searching for cute items for her own son, she realized that others may be looking for nice yet affordable kids clothes too.  She decided that she would start searching for anything great, and then sell her finds.  Everything on her site is "gently used", and is in great condition.  Megan personally inspects each item for stains or rips. If there is a defect, it is clearly mentioned in the description. She has a great eye too, because everything is adorable!!

All of the items are separated by size and gender, and compiled in to separate "photo albums.  This makes searching her site very easy!!

Item Currently Available

If interested in an item the buyer just has to comment "interested" and leave their email address on the photo of the item.

Right now you have two choices for delivery.  You can buy the items online through Paypal, and have them shipped to you.  Or if you live in the Kirkwood Pennsylvania area (where Little Sprouts is located), your items can be hand delivered.

Item Currently Available

The business is 100% online right now, but Megan is in the process of expanding to a store front in the near future.

Item Currently Available

I love sharing great ideas, especially ones that make other parents lives easier.  It is a triple bonus when I can share a small business that one of my friends started.  Megan is a great woman, and her Little Sprouts is a fantastic company!!  Check it out today, her stuff does not last long!!!


Diane said...

What a great idea! I friend requested on FB to check out what she has.

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