Friday, September 14, 2012

Good Things Come in Small Packages!!

Some of the items that have helped me the most with raising my son are the smallest.  Here are some of my recent favorites...

Hopefully they can help you too:)

Oxo Tot Straw & Sippy Cup Cleaning Set

The brush on the far right cleans everything!!  You can literally squeeze it into any nipple, straw, or top.  Cleaning sippy cups and bottles became a lot more enjoyable the day I bought this:)

Dapper Snapper baby and Toddler Adjustable Belt

It is impossible to find a belt for little ones (sold separately anyway).  I searched everywhere, and finally stumbled on these.  It is not a "full belt", you attach it on the back of your child's clothes and it pulls the waist in.  It is great for when they are a little in between sizes.  I wish they made them for moms!!

Nuk Graduates Kiddy Cutlery

When my son started eating solids, we bought soft tip spoons for his gums.  As he has gotten older and started feeding himself, we needed something a little easier for him.  I can not say enough great things about these spoons (they also make forks and knives).  The handles are easy to grip, and do not stain like some other brands do.  Since getting these my son has gotten really good with feeding himself.  Before a lot of food would spill off the side of his spoon, and he had trouble holding it straight.  These are the perfect size and weight for little hands:)

What are some of your favorite "small items"??


Pastry Princess said...

We love those Oxo brushes too! Great for bottles and sippy cups. And I'm about to go purchase the half-belt. Adjustable waist is great and all, but that belt will make her pants fit even better!

Buckley said...

The belt thing is a life little man was a flasher at gym class before getting it;)

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