Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smitten With My New Jeans

Little Orso Council Feature

Today Staci, from November Sunflower, is going to take you along on her journey of weight loss, and then searching for the "perfect jeans" to fit her "new" body.  It is something that most women struggle with especially moms.  She will share her new favorite brand of jeans, and some tips for getting them for less.  If you have any question regarding her weight loss, the jeans mentioned in the post, ways to earn money/gift cards, or anything else money related please feel free to comment below.  Staci is part of our Little Orso council, and is available to help you all.  Hopefully her advice will help us all get to experience a great jean shopping session...I know I dream about that day;)

Have you ever wished that you could find those perfect jeans?  You know the ones.  They make your butt look good, they feel amazing on, you could sleep in them if you had to. 
The jeans that fit your curves to perfection...

Personally it has never happened for me before.  It's always been that one piece of clothing that I can never get "just right".

Here's the thing: I am short.  I'm only 5'3.  I need petite items for height.  However until earlier this year, finding petite sizes, as well as a size that fit me, was very difficult.  Until December 2011, I was not just short, but I was "a squeeze myself in a size 8" size 8.  You've seen ladies like me out there, laying on our beds to be able to zip up our jeans, and then the muffin top appears. Yup, that was me.  I admit it  However I wasn't about to accept that I had gained weight, and should be in a much larger pair.

An amazing gift was shown to me, and I was able to lose 20 pounds by February 2012.  The size 8 jeans that I had been struggling to close, I was now struggling to keep up.  My mother had to loan me a belt to use on my Old Navy jeans.  Yeah, can you just picture how horrible those looked, all bunched up?  Old Navy was my "go-to" jeans place.  I loved them even if they didn't fit perfectly, they were petite, and they made my butt look decent.  Once I was ready to buy jeans that actually fit the new, slimmer, fitter, me, I headed to Old Navy.

Old Navy failed me Miserably.  I didn't know what size I was now, so I got a size 6, 4 and Little Miss threw a size 2 for good measure.  Shockingly I tried on the size 6s, the size 4s, and finally the size 2s.  Even the 2s were a bit big, so we headed back out for a 0.  We found very little in size 0, and they weren't petite.  However when I tried those on they were super small.  Muffin top showed  up again...we couldn't have that, so I settled for size 2s.  I had never been so disappointed with Old Navy Jeans.  It was a sad day for me.  I am tearing up at the thought of it now...

One pair of jeans from my "go- to" store...Bummer!! Plus they didn't fit well.  Major Bummer!!  I searched so many stores, it wasn't funny.  Still only one pair of jeans.  It was coming up on summer, so it wasn't a big deal.  But guess what??  Summer has to end at some point, right?

Luck struck.  Recently I got invited to a Sears Style Brunch, where they were giving away jeans to all bloggers that attended.  Wahooo!  Who knew I would get so lucky at Sears?  Plus the Juniors Department?  What?  But it's true.

Hello Bongo brand jeans, you're my new best friend.  You make my butt look fabulous, you're the perfect length, and you fit like a glove...and you're comfortable, plus you feel so dang soft.  I'm completely smitten.

The only thing I'm not in love with is the price tag.  I love these jeans, and am glad that I got them for free.  However it is hard to find them on the Sears website, so I have to go to the physical store. Ugh.  Plus when they aren't on sale, that price tag is super uncool.  When I put them on, I just forget about the price tag....and sometimes when you feel that good about a pair of jeans, the price tag isn't as upsetting.  It's why I'm so thankful for the ability to earn lots of points online, so I can redeem the points for cash or gift cards.  The guilt just disappears, and I get to "feel good" minus the dread after seeing the receipt!

***For any of you inspired to check out Bongo jeans after this post (like Staci's), head over to Sears.com by Friday.  They are offering 10% off (some are already on special too), and free shipping.  No promo code needed, your order just needs to be $49+

Staci Gerard is the owner of the blog November Sunflower. Living on Long Island isn't financially easy for a household with just one income, but Staci has mastered the art of Strategic Shopping online, and in stores, for herself, as well as her family. Who else can shop FOR FREE online for all of the gifts she purchases throughout the year, along with during the holidays? Even better, she teaches people to do what she does! She's the non-extreme savings guru, who now has a rocking pair of jeans in her closet!


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