Thursday, September 13, 2012

Barber Bracelets ♥

For some reason every time I look at Barber Bracelets I get teary eyed.  I think it is because of the empathy that Laura Barber, the owner, shows towards us infant loss moms.

Laura started making her bracelets, after a cub scout project with her son.  Her adorable bracelets are made out of paracord, yep the cords from parachutes.  Some how Laura has found a way to make them into something adorable and fashionable.  She also figured out how to add "awareness ribbons" to them:)

This is where I start getting emotional...Laura decided to start making special "Angel Bracelets", because she was inspired by Tricia Pyatt. Tricia is the founder of the fabulous Lil Angel Hankies, which we featured back in February.  Laura and Trcia have been friends since high school.

"She was a close friend when we were both in high school, and seeing how much she helped others was amazing. I haven't lost any pregnancies myself, but many women in my family have. I had no idea how much it would mean to the mothers to have a bracelet like this, but I'm glad if it helps them in any way."

Barber Bracelets are not only for infant loss parents, you can get them made for any cause.  Or you can just get them made in colors that you love.  They are also great for sports fans, your kids sports team, sororities... and since they are soft you can wear them around the clock.

Many of us have remembrance walks coming up, what a great way to show team unity, and remember why you are walking.  I am doing the OC Walk to Remember next month, and plan on getting these in the colors that we had done our daughter's nursery in.  It will be our way of showing everyone that we are walking for her...

I not only like what this company stands for, but I also think that they are right in touch with the current "arm full of bracelets" trend.  I see a lot of people sporting the 80's friendship bracelets (takes me right back to those days), however I like the idea of putting a modern twist on the trend with these:)

You can visit Barber Bracelets on their Facebook page, and to order a bracelet (s) head over to their website.

Barber Bracelets has offered to do a special giveaway for Little Orso fans.  One special fan will win the bracelet of their choice:)

To enter this giveaway you must do two things:

1.  Head over and "like" Barber Bracelets on Facebook.

2.  Leave a comment below letting us know what colors you want your bracelet to be:) I am going to paste Barber Bracelets color choices here to help you decide:)

Good luck!!  

A winner will be picked using tomorrow (9/14) at midnight pst.


Leslie said...

Liked their facebook.

I'd love light blue & rose pink for infant loss awareness. <3 Thanks for the opportunity.

Amber Roseberry said...

I just liked their fb page. I would love to have a yellow and light blue one to represent my Eli.

Michelle said...

I would like mine to be bright red and colonial blue - in memory of my son who died of a heart defect. Thank you for the chance to win <3

Liked on FB too

Karen said...

I'd love light blue and rose pink!

Antoinette said...

Id like pink/blue to wear in honor of pregnancy and infant loss day oct15

Pastry Princess said...

I'd love Navy Blue and Rose Pink. Just entered!

Crystal Kiser said...

Very sweet, I just entered/liked on facebook. I would like white/neon pink.

Mommaof2Boys said...

Very sweet, I just entered/liked on facebook. I would like white/neon pink.

Sorry, I posted earlier under my name, didn't realize I wasn't logged in! oops! =)

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