Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gadgets & Gizmos That We Love!!

These are three items that make our lives so much easier...

Lil Rinse Splashguard- It is a visor like item that you hold up to your child's head.  It creates a soft waterproof barrier, between their head and eyes.  It keeps shampoo and water out of their eyes, and makes hair washing time a lot easier on both you and your child. I went looking for something like this, because I could not bear to see my son get water in his eyes or get scared again.  So far we love it.  It really works, and is so easy to use.  My only recommendation is to wait until your child is a "good sitter" to buy this.  Between holding the Splashguard and the cup (or whatever you use to pour water on your child's head), you do not have a hand free to hold your child up with.  They retail for about $10, and are worth every cent.

Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail- We have had this item since my son was born, and every time I empty the trash I realize how amazing it is.  The pail is self sealing, and sprinkles baking powder every time you close it.  The bags themselves are incredible.  They hold the smells in, don't leak, and snap shut when you remove them from the pail.  His room never smells, and the bags are so easy to take out to the trash.  I can't recommend this diaper pail enough.  I wish they made a version for my kitchen!!

Db Tech Car Headrest Mount for the Kindle Fire-  As you all know from my earlier post, we are obsessed with our Kindle Fire.  We like to bring it in the car, to keep our son occupied when he gets restless.  We downloaded his favorite tv episodes on to the Kindle, and then let him sing and dance along to them in the car.  We needed a great way to mount it in the car, so we were really excited when we found this.  It is easy to install, and easy to remove (for switching cars).  The Kindle stays mounted securely when we are driving, but is easy to remove.  The best part is that at $16, it is extremely affordable!!!


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