Thursday, March 22, 2012


Ok seriously have you ever seen anything so cute???

I was on another one of my late night Etsy visits, and I stumbled upon this shop...Etsy is so dangerous!!!  I seriously want everything in Sushi and Booties, for my son....and for me!!

They carry so many cute things, including the sushi booties shown above...

These fortune cookie booties come in sizes 0-12 months, and even have a fortune in them:)  You can submit personalized fortunes too.  What a cool baby shower gift!!!


These Nunchuks are baby safe!!  They are made of plush, and come packaged in a bento box!!!

The store has some cute things for Mom and Dad too!! 

....or perhaps you would like a sushi case for your Ipod.  It comes with three types of sushi :)


Jaime said...

Ahh! I have a friend who is newly pregnant and I cannot wait to send her those fortune cookie booties as a shower gift in a few months! So flippin' cute!!

Buckley said...

I know I want a pair for me:)

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