Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sleepy Time....

A few years back I worked at an extraordinary lingerie store.  One of my favorite lines to sell, and blow my paycheck on, was called Bedhead.  They make the comfiest pajamas ever!!...and they are cute enough to wear out. During pajama promotions we would wear them in the store, and I would always leave the store with them on.  I got more compliments on my Bedhead pajamas (I would wear a ribbed tank over the pants and throw flip flops on), then I ever got on any other outfits that I wore to the grocery store after work:)  They were one of our top pregnancy sellers, and many women bought them to wear in the hospital at their delivery.

Well now they offer their comfy pajamas for babies!!  You can match your baby at the hospital, or both be comfy laying around the house (or at the grocery store;) )!! Their fabrics are so soft, that you can feel comfortable putting your baby in them.

I searched the internet to see if I could find any promo codes to use on the Bedhead site, and found one from People magazine:)   Just enter code BHPJ2012 at checkout to receive 15% off of your order.  This promo code is good until April 15th.

With the extra money that you save with the code, you can consider buying yourself a comfy pair of their fur booties.  (don't worry they are faux fur)


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