Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Game Time!!!

Growing up, we loved to play board games in my house!!  My husband and I also share this love for board games, we actually had an entire toy closet before we even had kids.  I am always on the hunt for something new and fun.  Here are are two that really caught my eye...

Match Memory Game Animals.  This is just like Memory, but was hand drawn, by one of the most creative people I have seen on Etsy. The name of the boutique is DrawntoLetters

I stumbled on this store by accident.  I was looking for great prints for my son's room. (I am trying to slowly change his room from a nursery vibe to a "big boy" room)  Anyway this store has great illustrations and canvases.  However the thing that excited me the most was this memory game.  The illustrations are gorgeous, and so detail oriented.  You could use the game as decoration, or even put a glaze on the cards and use them as coasters!!   The best part is the game comes in a pouch (made from an upcycled t-shirt), which makes storing this game so easy. 

It is hard to store a ton of board games in boxes, but a little pouch can be stored anywhere.  I personally think these are cute enough to leave on my coffee table!!  I can't wait for mine to arrive!!

I found this second game one night while trying to sleep...I tend to go online shopping when I am up alone at night!! (just ask my UPS lady how little sleep I have gotten in the last year)  The game is called Kids Grow Grow Giraffe Board Game

The object of the game is to get your giraffe's neck to grow the longest.  You spin a spinner and then try to find the color it lands on, on your giraffe's neck.  You use your bowtie to keep your giraffe's neck in place.  If you are lucky you get to remove the other player's bowtie.  This game seems so simple, yet I could see playing it for hours.  I can't wait to get it!!


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