Monday, March 5, 2012

Forts Forts Forts :)

Today I decided to share some of the best forts that I have stumbled upon, while looking for a birthday gift for my son. 

He is 1 today:)  Which one should I get him?  Comment below...

The first option is the Pacific Play Tents Clubhouse.  This one is a collapsible tent, made of nylon and mesh.  I love all of the little details on it, like the "private" sign or ladybug on the door.  These retail between $60-80, and come with a bag to store it in.

Our second option is an inflatable Log Cabin, by Step 2.  This one is made of plastic, so it can be easily wiped clean.  It needs to be inflated, and can be deflated down to a small square.  They say that 2 or 3 kids can fit in this cabin, depending on their size.  The walls all open, and it also has cute little details on the raccoon on the side:)  This one retails for about $30.

...and the last option is the Kidcraft Outdoor Playhouse.  This house is made of weather resistant wood.  It is obviously the most permanent of the three, and comes with a bunch of accessories such as a sink, mailbox, chalkboard and flag.  This one retails for about $300- 450.

I am leaning towards getting him one of the first two.  I love the third choice, but we are not living in a home that we own.  I think a temporary fort that can be taken down is the way to go.  So now I need all of your help...which one do you like and why?? In my fantasy world he gets all three:)


Jaime said...

Happy Birth+1day Gianni!

So, which did you choose?

We have had a tent similar to tent one it is great for ease of set up but it falls over really easily and once one of the wire wall corners bends a bit it just never stands the same again. Boo.

The inflatable one looks really cute too!!

And ahh, yes, the permanent, little wood house is amazing!... A little boy's dream!

x <3 o

Buckley said...

We are leaning towards #1. I love them all, but think that one is most practical for now. However what you said about falling over is making me think twice...hmmm I like the inflatable, but think our dog may take a big bite out of it:) I really want to get him 3 and put it in his room. Do you think it would be odd to see that in doors??

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