Monday, March 26, 2012

On the go.....

I have been out with my son a lot lately, and have found some new items that we can't leave the house without!!

The first is actually a duplicate of an item that we already had, A Travel Wipe Case.  I have one in my son's diaper bag, with the wipes that I use to change him in it.  That one is personalized with his name on it, and I got it in a "baby boy" print.

However I recently bought a second one, that I keep our hand wipes in (I prefer the Kleenex Splash and Go Wipes for Hands and Face). This time I picked a case that looked great in my purse.  We use hand wipes every time we leave a store, at doctor's appointments, before we eat, etc... so basically my case comes out a lot!!  I know most of you spend the majority of your time in your car too, so why not have a cute wipe case.  It really brightens my day, every time I pull it out!!

...I was thinking of getting a third to store my make up removing wipes in.  I can match that one to my bathroom:)

The other item that makes life a lot easier...and less smelly;)  It is the Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser.  I always feel horrible when I change my son, and then throw his diaper out somewhere. (especially if I change him outside of a bathroom).  There is nothing worse than carrying a stinky diaper, or leaving it for others to "enjoy".

These bags work like my trash can at home does.  They seal in the scent, and give you a clean way of disposing of your diapers.  The best part is they come in a compact dispenser, with a clip attached. I just clip mine on my diaper bag and go.  Now I don't have to stress out about finding a good place to throw his diaper out.


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