Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things You Can Not Live Without For Your 1 Year Old....Day 2 & 3

Due to Monday being a holiday, I am going to cover two days of items today!!!

The first favorite item for today, are Jumbo Basic Cardboard Blocks.  These were recommended by a handful of moms, and three dads that actually wrote in:)  Everyone loves the size and durability of these blocks.  Parents claim that they have survived multiple children, and lots of rough play. The younger kids like to just stack the blocks, some even like to just carry one around with them.  As they get older, they start using them to build forts and castles.  The only complaint I kept hearing, was how time consuming they are to initially assemble.  However it sounds like the cons of owning them out way that.  

We had these blocks growing up, and I remember spending hours playing with them.  I plan on buying these for my son.  I love buying him the "traditional toys", that have been around since our childhood.  I love toys that encourage kids to use their imagination and move around.  These blocks do both:)

The second item for today, we actually already have and love too.

It is the Nuby 2 Handle Straw Cup.  The moms I spoke with, all said that a durable sippy cup is a must!!  We had heard good things about this cup, and bought it a few months ago.  It is son launches it across the room daily.  It is dishwasher safe (top rack).  I am a big "straw cup" fan.  My son seems to enjoy drinking from a straw, and I feel that they spill a lot less.  The only complaint that I heard, when asking people about the Nuby cup, was the durability of the straw.  We have not seen any issues at my house (and I have a teething baby using it).  However at $4.99, they are not too expensive to replace.


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