Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things You Can Not Live Without For Your 1 Year Old....Day 1

For the older child recommendations, I had moms help me out by suggesting what they can not live without.  This product was recommended by almost every single mom I spoke to.  (Even though my son is not one yet, I actually can recommend it too...since we have one)

The product for day 1 is the Britax carseat.  

The two most popular seats from Britax, are the Marathon....

and the Boulevard....

Their seats have won a bunch of safety awards, including the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety award.  

I personally went with the Boulevard, because I liked the extra head support.  We are so happy with our choice.  The seat is very sturdy, and the fabric is so much softer than the other seats we looked at.  Besides being safe, it actually looks comfortable.  It is easy to install, and easy to clean.

If you click on the names of the seats above, it will take you right to the specifications for the seats.  They even have a feature where you can compare the two seats, and decide which one will work better for you.

Also if you do decide to buy a Britax seat (or you already have one)...check out my earlier post about carseat covers. They post includes covers that fit these seats.


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