Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things You Can Not Live Without For Your Preschooler...Day 4

An item that most moms mentioned as a favorite, was a digital camera.  
So I asked people if they were giving their kids real ones, and most mentioned this one...The Fisher Price Tough Kid Digital Camera.

It is a real working digital camera, that can hold over 2000+ pictures.  You can download the pictures to your computer, and then kids can edit the pictures and add fun additions like stamps and frames.  The camera is built a little tougher than regular ones.  It can withstand being dropped, and can just be thrown into a bag.  The camera is made with extra grips on it, to make holding the camera easier for little hands.  Besides the extra cushioning and grips, this camera works just like a "real one".  Considering everything that it does, it is amazing that it sells for about $40.


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