Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things You Can Not Live Without For Your 1 Year Old....Day 4

There was a unanimous response from every one year old mom about a favorite type of toy....A Push Toy!!

Next I asked friends and stores, what push toy do you like the best??  

Anyone who has been reading my blog up until now, knows how much I love Melissa and Doug products.  This one is definitely going on my list to buy for my son for his birthday.

Everyone says that is one of the most sturdy push toys that they have come across.  It is made of hardwood, and painted with non-toxic paint. The wheels have a non-skid finish on them, which makes it "hardwood floor safe" and more sturdy for your child. When your child pushes it the alligators' mouths open and close.  There are also bug beads that spin around!!

This one is definitely a winner!!  There are just so many cute details on it, and it is moderately priced.  (typically sells around $35)

And here is a Mommy Deal if you decide to buy it...get 15% off with code NSAVE15 (this only works if you buy it from the actual Melissa and Doug site)


Anonymous said...

We have 2 of these because my daughter would not let her little brother use hers. They are really a needed item.

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