Friday, January 27, 2012

Things You Can Not Live Without For Your Preschooler...Day 5

These placemats are so cool!!  

They come in different themes like the alphabet, animals, maps, trucks, etc...You can write on the mats with the straight edge crayons, and then wipe it off easily!!  The mats are a great thing to take out to dinner with the kids, but they are also great for meals at home.  We used to have map mats (not these) when I was younger, and we would have competitions about the capitals of the states.  I would have loved being able to write on them!!  My son is too young to understand the lessons on the mats, but he still likes to scribble on them. (they fit on most high chair trays).  The crayons are great too.  There is a thing on the side of them, that allows you to let more "crayon" out.  They work like a mechanical pencil, so they are always sharp.

I usually buy each thing separately, but I noticed that Amazon has an amazing package deal for the mats and the crayons!!


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