Tuesday, January 10, 2012

...1st Year, Day 2

The next 1st year essential is a wardrobe basic.  They are sweat/lounge pants from the Gap and Old Navy (same company, so they are pretty similar).  My son has lived in these since the day that he was born.  They are so easy.  They can take naps in them comfortably (I always feel really bad when my son falls asleep in jeans...he looks so uncomfortable), and when they start crawling they don't complicate things for them.

The first version of the pants is from Old Navy. They retail for about $8, and come in a about 5 or 6 colors (they change seasonally) 

The other version of the pants comes from the Gap, and retails for about $13.  They come in about 4 basic colors.

In my opinion you just need a few pairs of these, and some basic colored onesies and tees.  These become your child's staples.  Then you can leisurely buy fun fashion items for them.

Keep an eye on both websites, because these pants are often included in their stock up and save deals.  I will let you all know when they are on sale again.  Make sure that you "like us" on our Facebook page, to get daily updates about things like this:)


Anonymous said...

This was one of my basics for the first year too. We also stocked up on the matching crew bodysuit from Gap- Kristy

Buckley said...

Hi Kristy-

Make sure to email me your email address at buckley@littleorso.com. That goes for anyone that posts a comment anonymously. I completely understand not wanting to share personal information, however I still want you all to be eligible to win the prizes that I offer for commenting:)


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