Monday, January 9, 2012

Things You Can Not Live Without... 1st year Day 1

Today starts my feature on things that you can not live without.  I will be covering all areas from gear to play.  This week we will take a look at babies from birth to one year.  I will be getting some help from fellow moms along the way.  

Feel free to share what items you can not live without.  One comment will be selected (randomly) at the end of the feature, and they will win a special treat!!

Today's item, is one that my husband and I both wish we had bought sooner...The Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle and Swing.

 We didn't buy this until our son was 1 month old.  We wish that we had bought it day 1!!  For the first four weeks we took turns holding our son, including at night for him to sleep.  He didn't like being put down anywhere!  We finally decided we needed to try some new things.  We bought this swing, and everything changed.  From the second we put him down, until the minute we packed it up, my son loved being in it.  

I only have two complaints about it.  The first is it is extremely big.  I think the legs have to be that wide for support, but if you live in a small space you may have trouble fitting it in your house.  My second issue with it, is a common complaint I have with Fisher Price items...the music doesn't stay on long enough.  I had to constantly run over and restart the music.  I had no problem doing that, but sometimes the delay woke him up.  

Other than that, I can not recommend this swing enough.  The seat is soft and a comfortable cradle shape.  I felt safe with him in it, until he started to roll over (that is when we packed it up..I didn't trust the straps against his strength).  The music and sound choices are nice, not overly electric sounding.  The one bird sound actually made me fall asleep:)  The decor on the swing is really cute.  We had the bunny swing, so our seat was shaped like a bunny, it came with a bunny teething toy, and had a bird and leaf mobile.  They have a few other decor options.  I have seen most of them, and they are just as cute!!  My favorite option on the swing, was that you could change the direction that it swings (either side to side or front to back). I used the side to side option when he was younger, or when I wanted him to sleep.  The front to back movement was great when he was older, and sat in the swing to be entertained.  Another huge plus, is that you can run the swing on batteries, or plug it in. 

This is why I can not recommend this swing enough.  If you are pregnant or have a newborn, run out and get this swing.  You will be thanking me later:)


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