Monday, May 14, 2012

Mini Crafters

Do you have a little "crafter" at home??

 If you do, then have I found a cool item for you!!  I would have loved this so much as a child, wait who am I kidding I still want it (my birthday is in November ;) )

They are called Kiwi Crates,and for $19.95 you have a new crate filled with crafts delivered to your door each month.

The crates come in different themes, such as dinosaurs, gardening, colors....
They are designed by parents and experts, and each crate has been kid tested!!  You can choose your subscription length (3, 6, 12), and then sit and wait for the doorbell to ring:)  How exciting!!  Everyone loves mail, and how nice is it to get something that both you and your kids will agree on.  The crates are educational, but still so fun!!

Head over and check them out!!!

They are a great gift for that grandchild let lives out of town, or a sick child in the hospital!!...or a 35 year old blogger:)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Little Orso! We're super thrilled to hear that you love Kiwi Crate -- and yes, we also know a few "older kids" who love Kiwi Crate as much as the kiddos do! ;) (Jen from Kiwi Crate)

Buckley said...

Thanks for your comment:) I really do love your son is still a bit young for them, but I think I may get them for myself:)

abi said...

totally checking these out... not for me of course. ;)

Buckley said...

Hahaha Abi:)

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