Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Heart To Hold ♥

In honor of our Infant Loss Resource Guide (please feel free to share our list, but please link back to Little Orso or credit us with the list..) finally being up and running, I decided to feature a wonderful infant loss resource!!

They are called a A Heart To Hold, and that is exactly what they give you.  They started this foundation in July 2011, after losing their son to stillbirth.  The day after Abi and her husband lost their son, they received a heart weighted to the exact weight he was at birth from another infant loss mother.

What people that have not lost a child do not realize, is that a mother's arms ache to hold their baby.  Our bodies do not know that we did not give birth to a live baby, so they do not understand why we are not holding our child.  It is not just an emotional thing, your body really does ache.  To have a pillow or stuffed animal to hold really helps...but to have something weighted the same as your child helps even more!!  They picked a heart as a symbol of hope and healing.

Their heart helped them so much, that they wanted to pass it forward to other families that have suffered this loss.

A Heart to Hold also offers workshops to comfort other grieving families, and they have a Hearts From Afar Program. (where you can make hearts from your home or set up your own workshop. 

For information on how to request a heart, please go to For information on how to make a heart, please see our calendar or go to If you would like to make a donation to their 501(c)3 organization, more information is available here;

They have received a ton of orders in the last few weeks, and are having a hard time keeping up with the price of postage. To help with these costs they are currently holding a fundraiser. They hope to raise $500 in the next two weeks. When they meet their goal, they will randomly select a winner to receive either a $25 Amazon giftcard or a heart.  This goal will help them send out 45 hearts.  Click here to make a donation, and enter yourself in the drawing.


abi said...

Thank you so much for sharing A Heart to Hold. :)

Buckley said...

It was my pleasure:)

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