Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Orso Bookshelf- Packer Style!!

We are huge Packer fans in the Orso home...(ok my husband loves the Giants, but he has learned to appreciate the Packers when we are not playing each other).  One of my all time favorite Packers is Donald Driver.  I even got my husband to agree to let me name my son after him, if I went into labor during the 2011 Super Bowl (which we won:) )  My son decided to wait until March to arrive, so Driver is not his middle name:(

For those of you that are not Packer fans (or football fans), Driver is the type of player that you would want your children to look up to.  He is a team player, family man, and all around classy guy (he is currently on Dancing with the Stars).

Driver wrote a series of books for kids...starting with Quickie Makes the Team.  "Quickie" was Driver's nickname growing up, so he named his main character that.  The books all deal with life lessons, yet are still fun to read.  Quickie Makes the Team is all about a little boy that loves football, but is told that he is too small to play.  Luckily a neighbor tells him that sizes does not matter, and teaches him a valuable lesson about trying hard for what you want in life.  My son and I love reading this book, and the illustrations are really cute!!  We can't wait to get the other two books in the series; Quickie Handles a Loss and Quickie Goes to the Big Game.

Whether you like football, the Packers, or Donald Driver...I still suggest going out and getting these books!!  Not only are the a great addition to your library, but they teach great life lessons....and a portion of the proceeds go to the Donald Driver Foundation (which offers assistance to ill children with unmanageable hospital bills, provides housing for the homeless, and helps numerous smaller charities....)


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