Friday, May 18, 2012

Little Orso Bookshelf

Today I am featuring a favorite in our house, it is called "What's Wrong With My Hair?" by Satoshi Kitamura.

This book makes my son laugh so much.  It is the story of a lion named Lionel, who can't get his hair to cooperate.  He goes to the barber and friends for should see what they do to him!!  However the thing that makes my son laugh so hard (and makes us laugh and take pictures), is that you can stick your face in every single one of his hairstyles. (there is an oval cutout in each picture for your face).  It is a very cute book, with great illustrations.  I definitely recommend it for all ages!!

...and here is a great accessory to hold up your Orso inspired library.  It is the Balloon Animal Bookend from Land of Nod.  I am seeing a Land of Nod theme here lately...their stuff is just so cute!!!  These are also cute just on a shelf:)


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