Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keepin it Chill!!!

Today I am sharing one of my favorite items. It is the small insulated tote from Thirty One. If you are not familiar with them they carry a bunch of bags, totes, storage items etc.. that you can personalize. They sell them through catalogs and parties. They are very similar to Vera Bradley, but a little less costly.

I bought this tote a few years ago, and never leave home without it. It started out as the bag I brought drinks for my husband and I in (and water for our dog for long walks), and has now turned into a piece of my baby gear. I throw my son's formula, baby food, and his teething rings in and go. I just throw a cold pack in too, and it keeps our stuff cold the entire time we are out. Being able to have a cold teething ring on hand is so amazing when you have a teething baby.

The bag also works to keep things hot, so I would recommend it for bringing lunch to work too.

All of their stuff is really cute, check it out!!


Anonymous said...

I have this bag and loooooooooove it

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