Thursday, November 17, 2011


I finally found a line that was founded on the exact reason that I started this blog...lack of little boys clothing!!

Tom and Drew- "Tom and Drew is inspired by and named after the nephews of founder Alexia Panza. When searching for fashion forward boys apparel for Tommy and Andrew. Alexia became increasingly frustrated with the selection and decided to start a line that exemplified both of the boys personalities, needs, and youthful spirit. "

You can find the line here. I had a hard time just picking a few pieces to feature!!


Wendy, Owner Saige Nicole's said...

Thank you Little Orso for featuring the Tom and Drew Boys Collection found at our boutique! We hear from many moms of boys who are happy to find our boutique. We scoure the pavement looking for unique, hi-quality boys lines like Tom and Drew Boys, Knucklheads, Fat-Tie and more. We will continue to look for fab brands for boys too as I have 2 boys myself and 1 daughter and can totally relate. Thank you again and please keep checking back at or visit our boutique in Costa Mesa, CA. Truly yours.

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