Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Mail Must Go Through!

I have always been a fan of Melissa and Doug toys.  I have sold them at three of the boutiques that I have worked at, and they are always a huge hit.  They are well made, and find a great balance between educational and fun.

I bought my son the Stamp and Sort Mailbox, and it has become his new favorite toy.  There are three slots for them to put the mail in, they have to figure out which slot works.  The mailbox comes with letters and postcards, and each piece has such precise the postcard from Paradise or the Sweepstakes winner!! There are stamps that velcro on to each piece of mail.  There are just so many things to do with this mailbox.  My son is below the required age (and puts everything in his mouth), so we took the stamps away for now.  However he sits for hours putting his mail through the slots.  I highly recommend getting this mailbox for your little ones.  It is enjoyable for mom and dad too!!  And looks cute out in the room!!

To help with your holiday shopping, here is Melissa and Doug's 2011 holiday list:

To purchase or read more about any of these items visit their site.
Vote for your favorite toy on their list of holiday favorites, and get a 25% off coupon.  Here is the link.


Anonymous said...

Melissa and Doug makes the best stuff. Can't wait to get my coupon & do some xmas shopping.

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