Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Since most people will be out after dark...I figured it was a good day for a flashlight post!!

The top two are great choices for toddlers and preschool kids. I think every kid should have a flashlight next to their bed. Just in case the power goes out, or to protect them from monsters:) I also remember some of my favorite days as a child were making forts with flashlights, and exploring outside after dark.

The last choice is great for infants and toddlers. I bought my son the seahorse when he was born. We were driving home after dark, and it scared me that I could not see him in his seat. Now he gets scared in the dark. We turn on his seahorse, and it glows like a campfire...and plays soothing music that even makes me want to go to sleep. The seahorse also works as a great night light or bed time pal.


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