Monday, November 28, 2011

Etsy Favorites Day 8!!

Today's favorite is a special one for me.  I have always been extremely close to my grandmother.  Since I was young, she has bought me bags with my name or initials on them. Now that I have a son I wanted to get him started on the tradition.  I started looking around the internet, for a little bag or backpack that I could get for him to bring his toys in.  I should have started my search on Etsy, because I found exactly what I was looking for at a store called Inspired by Grands.  And how fitting that the store is run by a grandmother of 10 (soon to be 12)!!

Inspired by Grands makes personalized kids' backpacks, tote bags, diaper bags, and doll carriers.  The store is run by Terri, who has been sewing since she was 10 years old. It all  started when her oldest daughter wanted two small backpacks for a trip they were taking. She needed something small enough for her girls to carry on their own, but large enough to hold activities for the plane trip. This is when Terri started making the kids' backpacks featured in her store. Her daughter suggested that she start selling them on Etsy, and 2 years later her store is still going strong!! 

Head over and check out Inspired by Grands today.  If you want something for the holidays you need to get your order in before December 10th!!  I personally am going to get my son a backpack to take his sand toys to the beach in, or snacks and pacifiers for the park in:)  



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