Saturday, November 26, 2011

Etsy Favorites Day 6!!

Have you noticed that most of the teddy bears and dolls available in stores, are very cutesy and girl based??  Well Marijke did, and that is why she started her Etsy boutique. Littletinks is an Etsy store that offers hand knitted teddy bears and other unique baby gifts.

Marijke has been knitting since she was 8 years old.  When her friends started having babies, she had a hard time finding gifts that were "special enough".  She decided that she could make a better teddy bear, than she could find in a store.  Her friends loved the bears, and suggested that she start selling them. So earlier this year she started Littletinks.  They have cashmere teddy bears for that luxurious room, but also carry a wool version that is washable and as she puts it "boy proof". 

Littletinks is happy to offer our readers a 10% discount.  Please mention that you are a Little Orso reader at checkout.


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