Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Etsy Favorites Day 10!!

I saved one of the best for last!! 


TheLilybugBoutique is special to me, because it is owned by one of my close friends.  Jamie started her store right after the birth of her daughter Lily.  She makes the best taggie blankets out there!! (and the best brownies, she is a professional chef when not sewing).  Jamie sent us a Dr Seuss blanket when my son was born.  He loves it so much.  He is 9 months and still carrying it around.  We have seen others in stores, but none of them have the extra touches that TheLilybugBoutique puts into theirs.  Each one is backed with a snuggly minky fabric.  Jamie also heat seals all of the ribbons to prevent them from fraying, and triple stitches them to make sure that they do not come loose.

Her Dr Seuss and Hungry Caterpillar blankets are the most popular, but you can contact her directly to make any character or theme that you want.  Right now they have some holiday prints available.  Order now to take advantage of the special  $.99 shipping she has on all orders for Little Orso readers.  Just mention Little Orso at check out.


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