Friday, November 11, 2011

Birthday Shopping...

Today is my birthday, so I want to shop!! However unlike my early years (where I shopped for myself), I now only like shopping for my son. Here are two items I am getting today.

The top item are clothes dividers. Kids grow out of things so fast, that you need to have the next size or two on hand. I love the idea of organizing his closet like a store. The Etsy site I found these at have a bunch of cute designs. I am a little partial to this one, since I am married to a Marine and it is Veteran's Day. Check the other designs out here!

I am in love with this giraffe. This site makes really cute stuffed animals from socks. They are amazing!! It is so hard to pick out which one to get, since they are all so cute!!


Diane said...

*I* want the giraffe!

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