Monday, April 23, 2012

"We're luxurious like Egyptian cotton"

Do buy designer items for your little ones??

I bought my son a few designer items when he was first born....then I realized how fast he grows out of things, and stopped:)

If I were to suddenly have a disposable income (and a bunch of little boys to pass all of these things on to), here are some items that would make my shopping list:

Ralph Lauren Italy World Championship 1934 Polo- $128.98

Dior Wooden Car in Box- $196.69

Young Versace Black 2 Piece Wool Tuxedo- $482.05

Armani Junior Navy and White Deck Shoes- $88.67

Young Versace White and Blue Toweling Bath Robe- $172.51

All items are from the site ChildrenSalon.  Head over and check it out.  They have so many beautiful items:)  While you are browsing, feel free to send us anything that you think we would love:)


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