Monday, April 9, 2012

Construction Zone!!

How cool are the new Tike Stix from Little Tikes??

They are designed for preschool aged kids, and allow them to actually sit in their creations!!  Right now they have four different sets that you can choose from: Clubhouse, Doghouse, Playhouse, and Rocket.

These are definitely on our list to buy.  I love how you can use them inside and outside, and that they are easy enough for kids build by themselves.  I figure that we can build the clubhouse for my son now, and then when he gets older he can make his own alterations:)

Here is a coupon from Little Tikes to get $5 off of your set of Tike Stix.  I am printing mine out right now:)


Antoinette said...

i love this!! and i can totally see adrian ripping it down once i built it lol may be fun for the kids too! miss you!! ive sent u a few texts and hope you are doing ok...xoxo


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