Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Travel Land!!

Due to my husband's illness, we have had to spend a lot more time waiting in the car and at appointments.  I am constantly looking for things to keep my son busy.  The number one item is still our Kindle Fire.  I download his favorite shows, and then we sing along (anyone that took music class with me knows that this is probably not a pleasant thing for those around me;)

I found a great item last night in my Parents Magazine, and can't wait to get him a set...

They are the Sushi Touch and Feel Stroller Cards...they attach to anything (stroller, diaper bag, carseat etc...) Each card has an image, and something that your child can touch or do.  For example the seaweed card crinkles. 

My son is very into touching things and scratching and picking at them right now, so I know he will love these.  I went to the company's website, and they have a few other versions (Eric Carle, Julius Monkey, Big Trucks and Diggers, Moma Shapes and Colors, and Mrs Mustard's Baby Faces). 

Now just to decide which set to get....

What items do you take to doctor's appointments, on vacation, or anytime you have to wait with a little one??  I would love to see all of your suggestions!!!


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