Tuesday, December 11, 2012

KyRoBugz Diapers

I spent the best hour the other night learning all about cloth diapers from my friend Kara.  Kara owns one of the most popular cloth diaper stores online.  It is called KyRoBugz, and they carry so many cute patterns.

Their diapers are Hybrid Fitted.  For those of you that are new to cloth diapering, or considering cloth diapering, you may be asking what is a hybrid fitted?

"A hybrid fitted is not 100% waterproof, It has a hidden layer of poly fleece, that is in between the outer print and the inside velour. This makes the diaper last longer, and more effective. When liquid hits the fleece it is deflected back into the absorbent soaker, instead of saturating immediately and needing a change. Hybrid fitteds are still fitteds so they do need a cover, but most babies are able to go coverless, and they are very breathable!" 

The soaker is the insert that actually absorbs the liquid.  They are made of absorbent material, and  have a velour top layer for comfort.  KyRoBugz soakers are topped with coordinating color velour (so they go with the outside of the diaper), bamboo fleece, and hemp fleece.  It folds in half and snaps into the diaper, with a hemp doubler that snaps in the middle.

The whole cloth diaper thing was so foreign to me, before our previous article

However even with my last cloth diapering lesson, I still had so many questions. So I turned to Kara to get some answers.  She was able to explain all of the parts of the diaper, and what they are made up of.  Learning all about the materials and craftsmanship, really helped me finally understand why cloth diapering is so popular. 

Who wouldn't want to put something soft and cute on their baby.  Yes disposables are easy, but are they this cute?

Do you know what your disposable diaper is made up of?  I know I don't know exactly...

When you buy from a place like KyRoBugz you can find out exactly what goes into your diaper, and what will touch your baby's most sensitive skin. 

Cloth diapers are a little pricey in the beginning, but all of my "cloth friends" claim that they end up saving about 50% in the long run.

What about sizing?  Are there cloth diapers for every age?

Kara shared the typical cloth diaper size runs:

Size NB: fits approx. 5-12lb
Size 1: fits approx 9-30lbs
Size 2: fits Approx 9 to 32lbs
Size 3/Toddler: fits Approx. 20-35+lbs

My next question was about cleaning cloth diapers.  I researched this one, and found out that it is pretty similar to cleaning baby clothes.  You can pre-treat them if needed, and then use your typical baby detergent.  Most sites recommend a hot rinse followed by two cold rinses.  They also suggest adding baking soda to to help with stains and smell. 

Some fabrics like wool must be hand washed.  Basically they seem to follow typical laundry rules.  There is also the option of having a service clean them for you.

I am not shocked that Kara was able to answer most of my questions, she does have one of the most talked about cloth diapering groups on Facebook.  You can head over there to discuss cloth diapering, learn more, and buy diapers.  You can usually get a preview of KyRoBugz latest prints in there, ahead of everyone else.

If you are interested in finding out more about cloth diapering and KyRoBugz, head over to the group today.  You have to request to join it, but it is open to everyone.  Here is the link

You can also go directly to the KyRoBugz site here.  Their prices are very reasonable, and you can't beat their cute fabrics.  I am a huge Hello Kitty fan, so I am very partial to this one. :) ( I don't think my son would enjoy it though ;) )

Kara has decided to offer a special deal to the first 5 people that comment below.  Leave a message below with your email address and the words "special offer", and she will message you with a special KyRoBugz discount exclusive to you.  Please only leave a comment if you are serious about purchasing something, so that you do not take the opportunity away from someone else.

A huge thank you to Kara and KyRoBugz for teaching us about cloth diapering, and sharing their adorable diapers :)

Kara has agreed to be the cloth diaper expert for Little Orso, so feel free to also leave any questions that you may have about cloth diapering below.  Or you can contact her directly, at her page.


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