Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"If You Want To Take My Picture..."

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a new Photo service called Modern Greetings.  It is similar to the other photo sites on the web, in that you can make photo projects, and other personalized items.

I make photo books for every holiday, so I was excited to try out a new company.  I decided to make my Halloween book, with them.

The first thing that I really liked about Modern Greetings, was the many themes and options that they offered.  They seemed to have a theme for every holiday and event that I could think of.  I really liked their Halloween options, and found choosing a template very easy. 

However I found their site to be a little less user friendly than the others.  I had trouble uploading and editing my pictures at first, but then again I am not great with new technological things.  It probably was just me, because actually after a few pages I seem to have their system down

If you are someone that takes a lot of pictures, you will love their photo books.  They seem to have twice as many slots for photos, than the books that I usually make. I had a hard time filling all of them, so I decided to leave some of them blank.  I have thought about doing this in the past, so I could have spots to write memories in.  This time I actually did it, and am so happy that I did!!

I bought two Sharpie markers (I am going to have to do a post about them soon, and everything that I have been able to do with them). They worked perfectly on the photo pages, and didn't smudge one bit.  I was able to write special memories about the night, and things that we may not remember some day.  I know my son will have a great time reading these when he gets older. (like the temper tantrum he threw when we tried to take him home;) )  The marker looked great on the pages, and really stood out.  I really recommend trying this with your next photo project.  I know you can have text printed on the pages, but there is something special about having the memories written by hand.

A huge plus for Modern Greetings, is their customer service.  Leaving blank spots in a photo book is not typical, so they actually called me to confirm that I wanted the spaces left blank.  I was blown away by their individual customer service.  It was nice to know that a book that was so special to me, was special to them too:) 

Modern Greetings sells more than photo items, they also sell personalized stationary, invites, greeting cards etc...

I picked up some personalized stationary from them, and am very pleased with it.

I have some exciting news for all of our readers...we have a Giveaway that all of you will win!!  Yep everyone is a winner today!! 

Modern Greetings has given us a link to share with all you, that gives you all a free photo book (like the one that we made above).  What a perfect time of year to get a free photo book!!

Just click here to get your free photo book.  

My only request is that you share what type of book you make. Photos of your book, would be even better;) Share your books with us on our Facebook page, or in the comments below.  We are so excited to hear about what you decide to make:)

Have fun making your books, and checking out Modern Greetings.

**The post above is a sponsored post.  We received free products, or financial compensation from the above mentioned company.  However the reviews and thoughts of Little Orso were not influenced in any way, and are our genuine thoughts and feelings.


Jessica said...

Yeaaaa :) That book is so cute! Love the stationary too!! <3

Antoinette said...


Shelby ... Stella's Momma said...

WooHoo!! So excited to give my 1st photo book a try!! I've been thinking of several photo book ideas, including the big one ~ Iza's 1st Year!!

Buckley said...

Shelby once you start you will make one for everything. I have one for pregnancy/birth, first 6 months, 2nd 6 months, 1st birthday, and every major holiday or vacation. They are so cute, and fun to leave out on the coffee table, because they aren't as overwhelming as a photo album. These are just your favorites, in a cute format:)

Buckley said...

...and you don't have to have kids to make them. Justyn and I did them before kids. We have our 1st house and holidays:)

Erik Williams said...

Thank you! I am going to do this!!!

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